July 05, 2011

Heatham House

Heatham House is a unique Youth Centre located just a few minutes walk from the Twickenham Rail Station (click for a map).
This is a perfect place for young people to meet each other everyday in a creative and friendly atmosphere. Heatham Youth Centre offer
s facilities, equipment and space where all interested
can develop their skills and talents.
This years' Splash Art Session is a part of F.A.R.M festival arranged by Heatham Youth Centre. This two events ware combined with each other to create even more attractive happening.
Not only spectacular painting seance will be organized but also many other associated sessions like:
  • Dj's and live music
  • Breakdancers
  • Skateboarding competitions
  • Urban art exhibition
  • Raffles
will come into play.

For our artists we offer spaces specially prepared for Splash.
We believe around 35 great painters will arrive so all can expect to see outstanding peaces of work being painted live throughout the day.

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